Cleaning & Descaling Your Suvie

Caring For Your Suvie

Cleaning and maintaining your Suvie is designed to be incredibly easy and convenient. Please follow these simple recommendations to keep your Suvie looking clean and functioning properly.

1. Always Use Distilled Water

To avoid scale buildup inside your machine, we recommend always using distilled water when filling the water reservoir.

2. Cleaning Your Suvie

After Suvie has cooled down, simply wipe the interior cooking zones, door, and exterior of the appliance down with soapy water.

IMPORTANT: Never use alkaline-based cleaning products, like bleach to clean your Suvie.

3. Suvie Food Pans & Drip Tray

Your Suvie food pans and drip tray are both dishwasher safe, for maximum convenience.

Descaling Your Suvie

Distilled Water

Always use distilled water to avoid having to descale your Suvie frequently. Distilled water can be purchased at most grocery stores.

If you are unable to use distilled water, we recommend following the descale process below every 6 months.

Descale Instructions:

GATHER: You will need powdered, food-grade citric acid and distilled water, which can be found in most grocery stores.

  1. Place ½ tablespoon (6 grams) of powdered, food-grade citric acid into reservoir. Fill with water to the fill line. Stir to dissolve citric acid. 
  2. On the LCD display, navigate to Settings > Rinse > Descale.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts which will guide you through the remainder of the descale process.

Water Reservoir Scale

You may notice white mineral scale buildup on the inside of the reservoir over time. Clean your reservoir regular with soapy water then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

If there is significant build- up inside your reservoir, let a mixture of ½ tablespoon + distilled water soak inside the reservoir for 30 mins.  Then, rinse thoroughly.