Baking with Suvie

Our unique dual-heating elements produce delicate cakes, crunchy breads, and other favorite baked goods. Bake mode also uses our exceptionally fast quartz elements to eliminate preheating time.

We always recommend using the Bake function when a gentle, even heat is required such as cooking your favorite desserts and casseroles. When cooking proteins and vegetables, we generally recommend using the Roast function.

Food Prep Instructions:

  1. Remove ingredients from packaging and place inside the Suvie pan.
  2. Select the Bake function and enter the desired temperature and time when prompted.

Cook Time & Temperature Recommendations

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Button-Press-Start Cool-to-Cook:

Since the bake mode utilizes the broilers, this function can not be scheduled ahead or begin cooking automatically. Suvie can still keep your food refrigerated until you are home to start the cook by clicking the “cook now” button on the display.

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Our Favorite Baking Recipes