How to Cook Eggs in Suvie

Cooking Eggs in Suvie

With the optional silicone egg tray, make Sous Vide egg bites ready to eat for breakfast. Choose the fillings for your own sous vide egg bites with our egg pan accessory. This weighted, food-grade silicone pan can cook 4 sous vide egg bites with as many fillings as you can think of. From bacon and gruyere to spinach and feta the choice is yours. You can also use the egg pan to soft-boil, hard-boil, or poach eggs.

Food Prep Instructions:

  1. Place egg tray directly into Suvie pan.
  2. Crack eggs or pour egg mixture into egg tray. 
  3. Fill the pan with water surrounding the egg tray before placing it into Suvie. 
  4. Fill reservoir with water to the fill line. 
  5. Select egg cooker function and enter your desired cook time. 

WARNING: DO NOT MICROWAVE – The bottom of the egg tray contains a metal weight.

Auto-Start Cool-to-Cook

Since Suvie uses water circulation to indirectly refrigerate and cook your food using the egg function, and not our broilers, this function allows you to schedule your meal in advance. Simply load your ingredients, schedule the time you would like your meal finished, and Suvie will automatically switch from refrigerating to cooking your meal.

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