Reheating with Suvie

Gently reheat food without drying it out and turning it into mush. Use the scheduling feature to keep food cold throughout the day, and then heat your food when you come home for dinner. Add a broil or bake at the end to crisp up any toppings.

Food Prep Instructions:

  1. Remove ingredients from any packaging and place into Suvie pan.
  2. Fill the water reservoir to the fill line indicated.
  3. Select the Reheat function and enter your desired reheat time.

Auto-Start Cool-to-Cook

Since Suvie uses water circulation to indirectly refrigerate and cook your food using the reheat function, and not our broilers, this function allows you to schedule your meal in advance. Simply load your ingredients, schedule the time you would like your meal finished, and Suvie will automatically switch from refrigerating to cooking your meal.

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