How to Slow Cook in Suvie

Create perfect braises with this low and slow cooking method without spending hours standing over a stove. Gently heat tough cuts of meat for hours melt in your mouth delicious. This method is also great for making soups, stews, or even dried beans. (You can even make cheesecakes with the precision temperature control)

Food Prep Instructions:

  1. Remove ingredients from packaging and place into a Suvie pan.
  2. Fill the water reservoir to the fill line indicated.
  3. Select the slow cook function and choose either a low temperature (185° F) or a high temperature (205° F) and your desired cook time (up to 12 hours).

IMPORTANT: When cooking using the slow cook function in both the top and bottom zones concurrently, these must both cook at the same high or low temperature.

NOTE: When using the slow cook function, do not place food in vacuum-sealed bags. Instead, place your foods directly into the Suvie pans. Generally it is a good idea to add a liquid to help with the heat transfer from Suvie to your food. The liquid also aids in breaking down the collagen in proteins and keeping them from drying out.

Auto-Start Cool-to-Cook

Since Suvie uses water circulation to indirectly refrigerate and cook your food using the slow cook function, and not our broilers, this function allows you to schedule your meal in advance. Simply load your ingredients, schedule the time you would like your meal finished, and Suvie will automatically switch from refrigerating to cooking your meal.

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Our Favorite Slow Cook Recipes: