Steaming with Suvie

Crunchy vegetables cooked to perfection with no oil or gently cooked fish. Go from cool-to-cook to steaming, just set the time and have nutrition packed food cooked to perfection. Steam is perfect for gently cooking green beans, broccoli, or carrots without using any fats or oils. You can also steam your favorite dumplings, gyoza, or steamed buns.

For the best flavor and appearance, we recommend roasting your vegetables.

Food Prep Instructions:

  1. Place the roasting rack into the Suvie pan.
  2. Remove ingredients from packaging and place on top of the roasting rack.
  3. Select the Steam function and enter the desired steam time when prompted.

TIP: After steaming if you’d still like a signature roasted finish we recommend brushing or tossing a little bit of natural oil and broiling for 5-10 minutes depending on your preference.

Auto-Start Cool-to-Cook

Since Suvie uses water circulation to indirectly refrigerate and cook your food using the sous vide function, and not our broilers, this function allows you to schedule your meal in advance. Simply load your ingredients, schedule the time you would like your meal finished, and Suvie will automatically switch from refrigerating to cooking your meal.

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Suvie Cook Time & Temperature Recommendations

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